Reality Check

Use this program as a "random" alarm clock to remind you to do reality checks. This is a free program - share it with your friends.

This program may help train you to be more aware of lucid dreaming. (See links below for further information on lucid dreaming.)

Search Google for lucid dreaming.

Browse books about lucid dreaming.



You can think of this as a random alarm clock. When you click on the "Hide and Start Timer" menu item, the image will disappear and then show up unexpectedly some time later. This is a reminder to do your "reality check". Use it to surprise youself with a picture of your significant other, your cat or dog, or whatever...

Click on the menu item again, and it disappears for another indeterminate length of time.

Why does it behave this way? Browse books or search Google to learn more about lucid dreaming.

Other popup menu items include:

  • Select image to display, or reset image to default
  • Links to reading materials about Lucid Dreaming
  • Other miscellaneous information


  • Download the Reality Check zip file
  • Unzip the product file, and click on Setup.exe


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